Hospitality Relies on Hotspot

18 May 2016

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Plain old Wi-Fi routers in hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, airports, libraries, schools, corporate offices and many such public places are no longer an option; the need for a stable, secure and simple Internet connection has become a necessity.

Giving insecure Public Wi-Fi access leads to the risk of Internet abuse, so at this level no business would prefer to provide their costumers with uncontrolled and unmonitored Internet access.

The Endian Hotspot module, always a cutting edge in Endian solutions, has become also a stand-alone product.

Conceived especially for the hospitality section, ideal for small businesses, retail sector and many others scenarios the new Endian Hotspot series is bringing 3 different hardware and virtual models, each of them being related to a different type of license, based on the number of users that will be connected, which makes the new product highly customizable and customer oriented.

The product was designed with simplified Internet access for the users in mind, while connecting through a captive portal, which can be customized, based on client’s needs.

The implemented features, such as Web Filtering and Application Control allow the customer to gain perfect control when it comes to security regarding web surfing or access control.

The integrated ticketing system is a great user management tool, in order to authorize access to the Internet based on time, bandwidth, hours or other customized rules.

All these integrated features form the new profile of the Endian Hotspot, providing business owners with an excellent tool, but also providing a pleasant experience to customers.

The entry-level price for this great and unique package of features on the hardware version is €599.

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