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25 April 2016

Your Businesses Are Not Small Enough to Not Matter to Attackers



Taking into account that small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) constitute a major part of the global economic activity and they continue to play a vital role: The Internet security is therefore becoming an important aspect in their life, as the threat-level of electronic crime increases.

Unfortunately the vast majority of SMBs regard security as ‘somebody else’s problem’ :Why would someone want to target our business and our computer systems?”, “We possess nothing that a hacker would want to steal”, these are some of the standard answers. 

There are a lot of factors and obstacles daily faced by SMBs, like pressing priorities, tight constraints on money and resources, short schedule, which result in a general desire to focus only on what is directly involved with business survival and growth, neglecting the remainder – including data security. 

But because of this serious lack of awareness and because of the negative consequences of information security issues and threats among SMBs, their networks remain highly unsecured and vulnerable. 

This is why cyber-attacks often target small and medium-sized businesses, they act under the assumption that the information in SMBs is less protected than in large enterprises.

Protection against cyber-attacks is an important element to ensure that SMBs can protect their economic interests, reputation and intellectual property and the information assets of their customers and business partners.

At this level, any breach of the information security could result in major losses for companies, impacting productivity and business and leading to damages in revenue and to the organisation’s brand.

Endian enthusiastically supports SMBs and understands their everyday challenge in growing their businesses.

Endian’s SMB flagship products are the Mini 25, Mini 25 WiFi and Mercury 50  which provide the complete suite of Endian Unified Threat Management features, including a powerful hotspot solution that make these products the ideal solutions for SMBs networks.

Untill 30th of December you can buy the Mini 25, Mini 25 WiFi and Mercury 50 at an incredible discount:


                           Mini 25 DatasheetMini 25 WiFi DatasheetMercury 50 Datasheet

*The promotional discount is applied to the hardware appliance only. Maintenance packages, software or virtual appliances are not included. The promotion cannot be combined with any other promotional or special pricing.

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