Visualize Your Endian Firewall Logs In ELK

For those who are not familiar with an ELK stack, it is a centralized log management system made up of three components: Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana. In this article, we will learn how to setup such an environment inside a Docker container and then how to push the logs from an Endian Firewall to it […]

01 March 2017 inInformation Technology /

Managing Docker Containers Using An Ansible Container

In this article we will learn about a new automation tool called Ansible. This tool can be used in IT infrastructure to deploy and manage applications on multiple nodes from one server. One of the most important advantages of Ansible is that it is agent-less,  which means that you do not have to install any […]

05 November 2016 inInformation Technology /

Speed Up Your Web Browsing Using Squid Inside Docker

In this article we will learn how to run a Squid instance inside a Docker container. This could be very useful in case we want to speed up our web surfing, or just apply some restrictions on it. Isolating squid inside a container is considered good practice when it comes to security, because it is […]

06 June 2016 inInformation Technology /

Connect Containers From Two Docker Hosts Using IPsec

In the following article I will explain how to link two hosts through a secure IPsec VPN connection using strongSwan. For this example we will make use of two hosts running Ubuntu Server 16.04 with Docker installed on them. The only difference between them should be that while the first one will have a standard network […]

11 May 2016 inInformation Technology /

Making Video Calls Using Asterisk on Docker

In this article I will explain how Asterisk can be setup inside a Docker container and also how to configure two softphones for it and interconnect them; finally you should be able to make video calls between them. Downloading the Image and Initial Startup Like I have explained in a previous article, you will first need to use […]

02 May 2016 inInformation Technology /